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Household Goods Moving

AggiesOnTheMove.com SMARTMOVE® has contracted with established movers for competitive pricing and service delivery guarantees.

Your coordinator will work with you to determine the level of service you desire and how to best utilize your designated moving dollars and budget. If you would like to receive a moving estimate please click here.

Things to consider when planning a successful Household Goods Move:

Prior to Move: Dates matter! The busiest moving period is the last 7 days of the month, especially in the summer. If you can avoid planning your move on these dates, you will have better driver, labor and truck resources available to you for a smooth move. If you cannot arrange for your packing and loading to take place earlier in the month, then providing as much advance notice as possible will also make a big difference. During the summer months, a minimum of 30 days is recommended.

Packing and Loading Day(s):

First, it is important for you to be available to the mover while they are onsite packing and loading. If you cannot personally be at home, you will need to arrange for another family member or reliable representative to be present.

Make sure to remove all valuables including jewelry and money as well as other important items such as personal documents prior to the arrival of the packing/moving crew. These items should travel with you. If there are other possessions you wish to move personally, make sure to separate those from the rest the goods for the crew to pack.

Dispose of all flammable, combustible, explosive and corrosive liquids, lye, paints and dyes. Propane tanks cannot be moved. Be sure all items are listed on the inventory. When the crew is finished loading, check all rooms including the attics and basement, storage closets to make sure nothing is left behind. Now is the time to inspect your home for any damage that may have occurred during the moving process and note it on the paperwork. Obtain a copy of your Bill of Lading and inventories from the driver.

Move-in Day

Check off your shipment and indicate placement of items as they come into your new home.

Make sure to note any apparent damage or missing items on the inventory prior to signing.

Again, it is important to plan on being at your home the entire time the movers are unloading.

Prepare an area for excess items that may not fit into your home.

If you have arranged for unpacking, it is usually best performed the day after delivery and must be scheduled prior to the start of your move. Items unpacked are not put back into cupboards or shelves, but placed on any flat surface. Please keep this in mind when requesting unpacking.

“Limited unpacking” will typically include reassembly of all items the packing crew disassembled. Make sure all beds are properly set up prior to the driver leaving. A 3rd party service will be set up by your coordinator in the event of any difficult or unusual items.

Please inspect your home and note on the paperwork any residence damage at the time of delivery.

The van line will supply you with a claim form/process to address and damage noted during and immediately after the move. You must complete and return a claim form for the van line to effectively process your claim.

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